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Childbirth Education

"Thank you for emphasizing the importance of exploring our fears and concerns before our birth.  It made all the difference in it being a rewarding and memorable experience for us."-A.B., Wamego, KS

Maurenne Griese has been teaching eclectic childbirth preparation classes since the late 1980s.  She certified through the Council of Childbirth Educators Birth Educators Special Training Program in 1995, earning the CCE credential.  When asked what method she teaches, Maurenne can say that her methods of teaching has been influenced over the years by Lamaze,Bradley®,
 and  the Birthing From Within philosophy. (Maurenne's note for clarification-I'm not certified in any of these childbirth education methods as I prefer an eclectic approach to teaching childbirth education.  I am only certified as a childbirth educator through the Council of Childbirth Educators Birth Educators Special Training Program.  I would encourage you to learn more about each method by clicking on the links associated with each method.  If you are looking for an instructor certified in these methods, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you in finding an instructor in your area). 

Maurenne has developed several comprehensive perinatal education programs in hospital settings and now offers these same programs as an independent educator.  "I feel I can be more objective when I am  employed solely by childbearing families.  I have more control over making my classes smaller and more intimate, allowing for much more interaction than the classes I taught earlier in my career, where at times I had as many 10-14 couples in one class." 

What concerned Maurenne the most about hospital and clinic based classes was the emphasis on anatomy, interventions and hospital routines.  Her classes take a holistic approach to preparing for birth and parenthood-physically, psychologically, spiritually. 

Course Options

Small Group Courses

  This course is designed for parents wanting to learn about natural childbirth. The course will include discussion, hands on learning,  self-study, films, handouts, workbooks, and many other learning techniques.  It is taught as a six week series or as a weekend course.  It is taught in Manhattan, KS or Wamego, KS.

Private Classes

A convenient  option for busy families or for women on bedrest, Maurenne comes to your home to prepare you for birth, postpartum and early parenting. 

Childbirth Class in A Basket

Filled with books, videos and handouts, "Childbirth Class in a Basket" can be rented for a nominal fee for a 2 week time period.  Another great option for busy families or women on bedrest.

Childbirth Education Links

Schai's Motherhood Site offers information on choosing a childbirth educator that's right for you.

Why Take Childbirth Classes, from

Questions to ask when shopping for childbirth classes, from

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For more information about our childbirth classes or any of our other services, please contact us.


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