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About KonzaBaby

About our name-why "KonzaBaby"?

Konza Prairie in the Spring, just South of Manhattan, Kansas

I get a lot of questions about how we got our name.  Well, our business has everything to do with babies and the parents of babies.  We are located just north of the Kansas River Valley and the Konza Prairie near Manhattan, Kansas.  While we have customers and clients in the United States and abroad, most of our business is in and around the Konza Prairie and Kansas River Valley.  

The photo above was taken by Alicia Bartol, a student at the University of Kansas, Lawrence and a webmaster herself.  I wanted to share the beauty of the Konza prairie with our visitors and want to thank Alicia for allowing me to share her photos throughout this site with you.  Our family, like Alicia, enjoy hiking the Konza prairie and are delighted to have this natural resource so close to us.


Why I designed this website

I designed this website to help expectant and new parents as they embark upon their journey into parenthood.  Throughout my first pregnancy, my husband and I had vague ideas of what life with baby might be like, but once she arrived, we realized that when we were a couple without kids, we couldn't possibly imagine the fun and joy involved with becoming parents.  We also couldn't  imagine all the aspects of parenting we needed to consider -- from breastfeeding and where the baby will sleep to what to shop for and where to go for support.   We took childbirth classes and read a lot but, without family close by and our friends being childless, we just kind of winged it at first!

With over 11 years of parenting experience now, we've found the resources that are helpful, accurate and reflective of what works best for a lot of families.  That's why I created this Web site -- to make it easier for other parents, whether they're seasoned veterans like us with a whole houseful of kids or new to parenting, to access an array of useful pregnancy and parenting resources at reasonable prices.

I aim to make this a resource-rich site with links to a wide variety of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting related sites.  Be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter, which guarantees to keep you in touch with KonzaBaby, even when you don't have time to visit the site.

My hope is to just keeping making KonzaBaby bigger and better,  filled with useful information for parents in an easily accessible and fun format.  For that reason, I will always be open to suggestions or feedback about the site and would love to get an e-mail from anyone who visits.  And if you need further information regarding advertising or sending press releases to us, please contact us.


Maurenne Griese, RN, C, BSN

Mom to Virginia, Benjamin, Christina and Herman

KonzaBaby Owner and Webmistress

  For more information, please contact us.

Updated 06/28/2004

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Photo Used with Permission. Copyright 1998,
Alicia M. Bartol