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What's New at KonzaBaby


How did you build your site?  We get this question a lot.  We use Microsoft FrontPage 2000 to design the site.  Tripod, our web host, provides the banner advertisements at the top of each page.  They also offer some of the Java Scripts you see on some of our pages.  

Why do you have hardly any graphics on your pages?  For now, I've kept the graphics down to a minimum so that the pages load fast.  My Gateway 2000 computer is now 3 years old and I'm sure there are other people in the same boat where their computers are slow or their connections are slow.  Many of our visitors live in rural areas of Kansas where the older copper phone lines slow down their connection speeds.  My friend Cheryl, who lives just north of Chapman, Kansas, had a party line until just a few years ago.  Fiber optics have not made it everywhere in Kansas yet!

October 16, 2000-I fixed my graphics problems with a little help from another WAHM on our AP-Biz discussion list.  Thanks Amy!

I also added an articles page.  For now, it includes a link to my website at

October 13, 2000-We added "Human Click", an interactive Java Script to the KonzaBaby site.  Human Click enables us to chat with you while you are online at our site if you have any questions about our site our services or our products.  It makes the website more interactive for our visitors and adds the human touch to our site, which is what KonzaBaby is all about.  

We also added a "Text Gear"  Java Script to some of our pages.  Text Gear allows us to put different words of wisdom, tips, factoids, or quotes on our page every time our page loads in your browser.  We also added a contact page and a links page.

October 12,2000-We added more information about the comprehensive perinatal services we provide to our community by creating a page for each service offered.

October, 11, 2000-We launched our website at 

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