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Birth Photography and Videography

There is something magical about the birth of a newborn into this world. 

Maurenne's brother Larry is a photography professional and has worked in broadcast journalism as a news photographer and assignment editor for several television stations in Louisiana and Texas.  Larry and his wife Karen welcomed their second child Abby in May, 2000 at Texas Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas.  

Larry was balancing the role of photographer and new father at Abby's birth. He told Maurenne he wish he would have thought a little more about it so that he could have spent more time in the moment of welcoming his daughter instead of being behind the camera.

Did you hire a photographer to record the magic of your wedding day?  You probably did, considering everything you had to think about as you wed your soulmate.

When you have a baby on the way, you've got plenty to think about. The last thing on your mind is your camera, batteries and film.  Why not let us help you record this wondrous event?   If you like, you can hire us to photograph or video your birth.

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Updated 10/17/2002

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