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Breastfeeding Support Services

Maurenne Griese, RNC, BSN

Certified Breastfeeding Educator


In private practice in the Manhattan, Kansas area and available for telephone and email consultations worldwide.


Services include:

bulletassessment during pregnancy
bullethands-on support and assistance with breastfeeding
bulletevaluation and treatment of breastfeeding/latching/sucking problems
bulletreturning to work or school and breastfeeding issues
bulletstrategies for unusual breastfeeding situations
bulletadoptive breastfeeding and relactation
bulletslow weight gain problems
bulletbreast health concerns at any time during breastfeeding and weaning
bulletinsufficient milk supply
bulletallergy and food sensitivity concerns
bulletbreastfeeding and medication compatibility questions
bulletparenting concerns
bulletsupport for parents of premature or ill infants
bulletMedela breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories, the number 1 choice of hospitals and lactation consultants

Services in the Manhattan, Kansas area include home visits by appointment and telephone consultations. Limited telephone follow up is included with local consultations.

Services outside the Manhattan, Kansas area include telephone or email consultations for those who do not have access to local lactation support. Telephone and email consultations are available in English only. A doctor’s report is mailed to the client’s health care provider if needed. A client’s health care provider may call for additional information without charge. A written care plan will also be provided if appropriate for each client, as well as any additional client information handouts needed.


Initial house call visit in the Manhattan area (extra charge for out of area, please inquire) $60-100

Each visit thereafter $30-75

Telephone consultation $50 per hour, client places long distance calls.

Email consultation $25 minimum, variable rates thereafter

Payment is expected in full at time of service.

Contact us for more information.


Updated 10/17/2002

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