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Pregnant Belly Casting


 Belly casting is a unique way to honor and preserve the amazing reality of how your body changed as your unborn child grew. While making the cast, fathers often feel a new connection between themselves and the mother, and an appreciation, if not awe, of her changing body! 

Photography only provides a two dimensional image but a belly cast (also called a belly mask)adds the dramatic third dimension of depth. In the years to come, you can view it from all angles, touch the curves, and explore the inner concavity where your baby curled up waiting to be born. Some people choose to leave their belly casts plain while others paint their belly casts or add a wide variety of embellishments. 

Some mothers and fathers may feel uncertain about doing this kind of birth art. As time goes by, and your love for your baby grows, this memento will mean even more to you. Want to learn more about how to make belly cast and what kinds of supplies are needed? Check out these links. They take a minute or two to load because they are graphic intense so be patient:

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Need help making your belly casting?

We can help you make your own pregnant belly cast.  For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us.


Updated 10/17/2002

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